Best resources for your children to learn code

The new generation is growing up with technology which was not experienced by millennial. For today’s generation technology comes naturally. Just watch a kid navigating a tablet or an ipad; they understand it more than adults. Introducing the programming to your children can be challenging. But from past few years, a number of software’s, websites Read more about Best resources for your children to learn code[…]

Why parents teach children to learn code, regardless of Future

Coding is creative activity which helps the kids to think and develop their skills. Children learn easily than elders because they don’t know how difficult programming is supposed to be. So many parents think coding as math but that doesn’t mean they should be techie. You might think your kid doesn’t like write algorithms but Read more about Why parents teach children to learn code, regardless of Future[…]

Whole Brain Parenting: Left Brain + Right Thinking = Whole Brain Thinking

Most young children are excited about doing a create activity, while others quick to complain, “I can’t draw”. Have you seen your child obsessed with wearing matching clothes? Or is your child more inclined towards art projects or else prefers to play and work alone? If you give the answer to the above questions as Read more about Whole Brain Parenting: Left Brain + Right Thinking = Whole Brain Thinking[…]

Importance to teach your kids to code

Coding is a highly useful skill which helps children to think creatively about technology and expressing themselves in new ways. Programming is a powerful tool that helps you to figure out whether one’s thought of solution is correct or wrong. Here some reasons why you should teach your kids to code: Creative Thinking Coding helps Read more about Importance to teach your kids to code[…]

How Codingzen makes kids life easier by teaching coding

It’s no secret that coding is the future when it comes to job opportunities.  Throughout the country, some schools are taking this seriously than others. Have a look at the recently published article for the Gazette titled Coding making its way into local curriculum as critical skill for future workforce. Here are few reasons which Read more about How Codingzen makes kids life easier by teaching coding[…]

Schools Contain Coding in curriculum

Children are so deeply fascinated by media and technology that they want endless hours of computer usage, mobile gaming. While parents will fume to this demand; there is no denying that technology has touched us in more ways than one and percolated in our daily life to a good extent.     Even schools use Read more about Schools Contain Coding in curriculum[…]

Entrepreneurship for kids

In December 2010, a new mobile game app called “Bubble Ball” was launched on the Apple app store. Mostly, a new game app get a few hundreds of downloads in first week of its launch. But this bubble ball received more than 1 million downloads. Wondering who built this millionaire app. It was created by Read more about Entrepreneurship for kids[…]

Why coding in necessary for kids?

It is a pro-technology world where everything far and wide is connected through a few simple clicks. The growing tech-savvy global economies leave no space for those ignorant to it. This, in itself, explains why children should learn computer programming. Children need the right tools to express their creativity and imagination in this innovation-driven world. Read more about Why coding in necessary for kids?[…]

Top 10 kits to teach children coding at school

Every child has a natural likeness for digital things such as smart phone, tablets, ipod. No child is interested to play with the dolls and bikes as they are attached to games and their levels. Now it’s time to tell them to create games along with playing. There are number of kits available for children Read more about Top 10 kits to teach children coding at school[…]

Summer coding camp for kids

Are you looking to help your kids make the switch from playing computer games to creating them? In a fun and enriching environment, Codingzen uses experiential learning to develop code and explore kid-friendly programming tools. In the  summer kids from 6 – 16 years old will guide through various programming languages and teach them how Read more about Summer coding camp for kids[…]