WHY kids should learn CODING?

Its not about learning to CODE - its about learning to THINK!


From self-driving cars to robot-assisted surgery to social media, computer science is revolutionizing every aspect of our lives. Coding is a fundamental skill that children need to learn so they can lead this movement.


Learning to code is similar to learning a second language. The earlier that children are exposed to fundamental topics like sequencing, loops, and conditionals, the more deeply they absorb these concepts.

Logical Thinking

Coding is all about implementing logic to solve interesting problem.Learning to program supports learning in other areas, like math, reading, and science as it enhances logical thinking in kids.


It is incredibly empowering for children to be able to create projects and show them off to family and friends.It builds confidence and pride.

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There’s been a lot of buzz about kids learning to code lately. This year, almost 200 million students around the world were exposed to coding

Like Mathematics, programming can only be mastered by lots of practice. Our courses are designed to make sure kids spend more time practicing than just learning theory.

We include all sorts of activities like solving puzzles & playing games, this keeps the whole learning environment interactive and fun.


Our Courses

GreenHorn (Age 6-8)

The CodingZen Greenhorn program instills the concept that technology is a creator’s tool to the young curious minds. By using fun and educational technology kits, including Scratch, Hopscotch, LittleBits and Dash.
CodingZen Greenhorn moves students beyond mobile and computer gaming, and gets them hands-on experience in programming and hardwares

Explorer (Age 9-11)

The CodingZen Explorer program inspires technology savvy primary school students to go beyond mobile and computer gaming, and move to create their own games and apps. With the emphasis of creativity,
CodingZen Explorer empowers students through problem solving using technology. Students learn computer science concepts, user centric design, and mobile app development.

Creator (Age 12+)

The CodingZen Creator program lays a solid foundation of computer science concepts and theories through developing technically challenging apps. With an emphasis on hands-on development and bringing ideas to reality, the program guides students to deepen their understanding on key current topics in technology, including privacy, security and social networking.

Exclusive Workshops

We offer multiple levels of varied courses in conjunction with the three flagship programs. These can be interspersed to suit the need of the students.
– Scratch
– App Jamming
– HTML, CSS and Javascript
– Python
– Entrepreneurship
– Wordpress Website Design
– Digital Marketing
– Design Thinking

Leaders and trend-setters

They all agree on one thing!

"Before coming to this workshop, programming seemed very difficult and complicated to me. After this workshop, I think programming is quite simple and easy to learn!"

Vanshika, St. Paul's Secondary School