3D Designing & Printing

Kids and teens of this generation are all 3D natives. This course is designed to introduce 3D modeling and printing techniques to the 3D natives. Specifically catered to beginners, we start with an introduction of 3D modeling, navigating through the interface of TinkerCad, a beginner friendly 3D modeling software.

The course then covers 3D design elements and principles, dissects how 3D printer works, and moves into modeling more complex structures.

The course finishes with a complete 3D product which is printed out for kids to take home.

Watch 3D Printing in Action!


Structured Curriculum

Explorer Program offers a vigorous, multi semester curriculum that is catered for students to dive into the world of computer science and software development.

Strong Foundation on Concepts

Our program emphasizes technological concepts, laying a solid foundation of such from a young age, students can apply computational thinking skills to unravel problems in several facets of their lives.

Modern Technology

From mobile applications development to internet frameworks, Codingzen get their hands on the latest technologies that are used by industry professionals in technology companies and startups.


  • Suggested Age: 9+ Years
  • Prerequisites: Prior coding experience (Scratch or Otherwise)
  • Content: 48 Hours. 24 weekly classes per module, each class is 2 hours long
  • Language: English
  • Location: Online or Classroom
  • Batch Size: Maximum batch size upto 5 students per faculty for online classes
  • Start Date:  Programme runs throughout the year with several batches starting at various dates.
  • Credits: End of term module completion certificate & performance awards
  • Other Features:
    • Exclusive invite to special one-off workshops
    • Semester, individual feedback from instructor
    • Regular one-on-one parent teacher conference

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5:1 Ratio Guarantee

CodingZen believes in creating a personal bond with the student. We work as much as coach to the students as we are teachers and facilitators. By having a small class, each student benefits from maximum attention from faculty, while learning from peers in a group setting.

Personalized Learning

We have designed our modules such that the students learn at their own pace. The curriculum of each module is level-based, meaning that every student can learn at their own appropriate pace.

Hands-on Project-based Learning

CodingZen believes in experimental learning, hands-on creation and lots of fun

Detailed Curriculam

An Introduction to 3D Printing

The module begins by introducing you to 10 key fundamentals of 3D printing. The aim is to provide a complete overview of 3D printing technologies and the opportunities and limitations that come with them.

The course platform includes a 3D viewer that allows you to digitally interact with 3D models to gain an understanding of various aspects of the 3D printing process and industry.

Introduction to Tinkercad Software

The 3D printing process all begins with creating a 3D model and Tinkercad software is a fantastic, free browser tool to do just that!

3D Modelling Basics

With your Tinkercad account set up, you will move on to learn the basics of 3D modelling.

Throughout the section, you will be provided with information, tutorials and challenges based on various design tools including navigating the model workspace, placing objects, making holes, mirroring and combining shapes.

Designing for 3D Printing

By showing a series of good and bad practice, you will learn how to design specifically for 3D printing.

The content goes over 10 essential design tips to create models that are suited for the 3D printing process.

Slicing for 3D Printing

In this section, you will learn about 10 essential slicer settings to help get the most out of your 3D printer.

From print speed and temperature to outer layer thickness and orientation, you’ll be sure to learn some handy tips to achieve good quality prints.


“I enjoyed the class, it was very fun and I learnt a lot of new stuff… I will recommend this course to my friends..”

Aman Grover, Class 5

SS Mota Singh School

“Seeing that kids these days are very much tech-oriented, I felt my child needed something a little more to rise above others, a new upcoming skill. So when I heard about CodingZen’s 3D printing course, I immediately registered her for it, and now she talks in big technical terms which even I find hard to understand. It’s not just the skill, even the atmosphere in a CodingZen classroom is one which encourages kids and promotes better learning.”

Neelu Kohli, Parent of Sakshi Kohli

“I have always been interested in technology. It always intrigued me. CodingZen helped me learning the technology in a simple way.”

Reyansh, Class 6

Modern School

Student Work

Learning Pathway Post This Module?

Similar to learning any other language, technology learning happens through an continual, immersive commitment. CodingZen offers  multi year curriculum right from young ones to high school students that allows to deepen and broaden their knowledge in computer science, hardware and software development.

Student can choose to deep dive in next level of Development covering JavaScript ( Incl Material JS, Node JS) and PHP, SQL, Database OR continue in the Learner Program to get 360° view.

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