Recently I discovered something very startling in my Amazon shopping cart - Along with the books I was ordering, there were a couple of LEGO sets pending purchase. I don’t remember how they got there, until my five-year old nephew turned towards me and said with a mischievous smile, “Mama, I have added these. Now you can easily buy them for me”.

I was amazed. This five-year old had somehow managed to mimic his mother and my behavior of selecting and ordering items on Amazon and had managed to add three LEGO sets to my cart. I smiled thinking what he would have done if he had my Bank Account details (probably bankrupted me with toy purchases!).

My nephew isn’t the only kid - Today’s generation is one of the most tech-savvy generations in history. Infants as young as two-year olds can now open mobile apps or operate tablets to open YouTube and watch their favorite cartoons. Older siblings are using laptops, mobile phones, and tabs to play their favorite games. Growing in such close proximity to technology, kids are inquisitive about how everyday technology products such as mobile phones, apps, laptop, or internet work.

girl coding on laptop