Every parent wants their children to grow up, doing what they love and loving what they do. So as a preliminary test we enroll them for every class possible, art class, music class, dance class do not forget tuitions. We try to hone in them the thing that is dead in most adults, IMAGINATION. Today, we have many fields for unleashing creativity and coding is one among them. There are of course, a hundred problems listed out by doctors, medical researchers and newspapers about the long exposure to gadgets, decreasing concentration span and the ridiculous amount of radiation just wrapping us up. But at CodingZen, we believe that just the right amount of coding never hurts anyone. So, we’ve mentioned what can go wrong and also what are the benefits of coding for kids?


Coding is one activity that has a two-in-one offer. Actually, it’s a combination of analyzing and understanding. Programming enables kids to find a solution for the problem, look at it from every perspective available and well there will be more than one solution ready. It broadens their mind to think of various solutions, because even the idea which you think lame or stupid might work. Once they come with solutions they have to think of a way to code this into the computer and thus comes the logical thinking. It’s not just a hearsay, programming can actually change the way your child thinks and faces problems, be it in the classroom or in the game of life.

why coding


Code is the next universal language of mankind. It is said that great minds think alike and truly the code is one language that makes minds great. English and education is what is usually connected to universality, but in this technology-driven world, where start-ups are emerging everyday, you need to ask yourself how far will my child go without coding? People with no common tongue work together on the same projects, people from different countries who speak different languages will be in the same team. In short, the more versatile your kids are at coding, the more places they get to go.



There is a certain age till which you let your children learn, explore their talents, think freely and play before you drop the bomb of “responsibilities” on them. Usually that might be till the age of 18, because if they’re eligible to vote, they are very well eligible for the job market and had better start the initiation; who knows? you may have teenpreneurs at your house. Before you let the pressure build, why not give them an opportunity and introduce coding for kids at their impressionable age, to expand their horizons and give them a valuable tool for their life ahead. In fact, it will be a Unique Selling Point that comes as a welcome bonus to your child’s resume in future.

why code


There’s almost one and a half month of summer vacation when school comes along just to end at or during the pandemic, and the annual problem of our generation is finding a good way to spend, like maybe building a rocket, fighting a mummy or coding up the Eiffel tower. What? I mean climbing up the Eiffel Tower..( Phineas reference) Yup, there is always usually a problem about what to do when there are holidays or when schools are off, well here’s a way to give your child a fun, interesting hobby to pick up. Coding is fun especially when kids can see the output of their hard work, just the right amount of encouragement would help them push further with of course the help and guidance of parents. In fact, parent-child bonding time may happen over a glass of juice and a game app. All these benefits make coding fun and yet a necessary tool for kids and maybe we  learn a solution to global warming from them. We aim to shape our future generations not just into mere coders who hide behind computers but programmers who will work out the wackiest of solutions to the toughest of problems.


why code