Best Apps To Learn Coding For Kids

Programming languages are a big deal in this tech world. Years before it was thought that only Brainiac’s can learn code. Now look around you, there are a lot who have mastered coding. We have many platforms which teach coding for children. There are many apps which teach them programming in a visual environment which makes learning fun and interesting. 

These Apps are designed in such a way that lets your kid learn to code faster, they are simple and understandable. In fact, coding is within the grasp of everyone. Here, we present some of the best apps for teaching kids to code. These apps can be used to give the kids a fun coding experience.

1. Tynker

Tynker stands among the top in the list because of its visual tools which make it easy to grasp the concept. It is very usable for elementary kids to learn to code. All the courses and games are designed according to various age groups.

Tynker for kids


2. Hopscotch

Hopscotch is a free iPad app to teach kids to code. It is designed with drag and drop blocks of code to create programs. This excellent app was inspired by Scratch programming language. It will help students to create games and build animations.  It works on iOS devices and is free to use. Children can easily learn to program from the basics to the advanced level in no time, once they get used to it. 

Hopscotch image

3. Kodable

The main concept of Kodable is that kids should learn code before they learn writing and reading. This app helps your kids learn to code from early ages of 5 and more. This app was started, targeting the kindergarten students. The first few levels i.e, up to 30 anyone can play for free. As we know many schools have introduced iPads for better learning and understanding. This app is perfect to include in the curriculum. Many young children have applied to it and reaped great results.


4. Blockly 

Blockly is an app that is designed by Google that can be accessed freely. It is useful to teach children of age above 7 to understand code speedily with pieces of code in a jigsaw puzzle. You have to rearrange everything according to sequence. Blockly offers three practical challenges for students and kids can also create their activities. This app can be installed in the robots Dash and Dot and can be used to program.



5. Scratch Jr

It is a redesigned version of Scratch with the purpose of reaching out to the younger generation. Scratch Jr is one of the best apps to teach young kids to learn to program. It is very famous and used by millions of pupils and schools. It has tutorials, games and interactive stories.   Kids can make a character with social, emotional natures; a character can dance, sing, jump and move. They can even add their voices and photos.

Scratch jr


6. LittleBits

Thanks to LittleBits, kids from the age of 8 can learn to code with electronics, without any risk of bare wires. The Littlebits Kit is a good starting point for children to learn code and to think logically. With this, you can experiment with a variety of comprehensive sets. Foundation on LittleBits will let your kid grow smarter, and their interest improves in both coding and electronics.



Coding is the new literacy, and teaching kids to code is a big deal. Teaching code will now let your kid become smart, creative and a skilled professional in the 21st century, where code rules our lives. CodingZen is working hand in hand with some schools to include coding in their  curriculum. This is not an easy task to do. To fulfill this, creating awareness among parents, teachers and authorities is mandatory. So we are on the journey to achieve this through camps, contests and initiatives. Private classes take place across India. Codingzen is paving the way for a skilled digital India.

Coding is the best language which the new generation should master. By 2030, India will have the world’s largest pool of potential software developers. Why wait to learn the skills which will help you in future.