Best resources for your children to learn code

The new generation is growing up with technology which was not experienced by millennial. For today’s generation technology comes naturally. Just watch a kid navigating a tablet or an ipad; they understand it more than adults.

Introducing the programming to your children can be challenging. But from past few years, a number of software’s, websites and apps have been produced to make the often complex subject of coding into easy to learn for young minds. Wondering what are they and how they will help your children.


Don’t worry; we are presenting the list of best resources for your children to learn code

1. Scratch

This is one of the most popular coding tools used for kids from age 8 to 16. It is designed to help students who have no coding experience. This kit helps the students to create animations, games and stories with building blocks that mimic the structure of code. The creativity of students can be shared with others in the scratch community. Coding is fun and with scratch it will be more interesting. Anyone regardless of age can try their hand in scratch. It is also providing a guide for beginners which can be downloaded from web. It is available in 150 countries and received funding from many companies because of its wonderful usage.

2. Hopscotch

The second resource is hopscotch which enables kids to learn code. It is an app which can be downloaded with an iPad. Hopscotch teaches them how to make basic games and pixel art. This is designed with games and videos which help to learn code. It also has communities where they can take part in challenges or post questions when they run into difficulties.

3.  Little Bits

This play set consists of more than 60 color coded modules which can be used for programming, hacking and playing. This is technology kit comes up with circuits where you can plug and play with them. You just have to plug into your computer and snap together the provided modules by little bits and start coding. It’s a perfect kit for a code lover.

4. Dash and Dot

These two spherical robots Dash and Dot guide kids to learn coding and robotics. In this one robot is mobile and the other one is stationary. The designers created it partly as they wanted to leave more on kid’s imagination. This can be used by kids of ages 5 and up. It creates an excitement for children to learn coding. It contains several sensors, a speaker, a power button, and a micro USB port with an eye in front. Both are friendly looking robots that will get your children’s attention. This programmable robot can be controlled by some free apps. They are Go, Path, Blockly and path which connected to dash and dot via Bluetooth.

5. Light Bot

This is a game which actually does a good job in teaching programming to kids through fun. It is designed for kids from ages 4 to 8. It teaches to navigate a robot through maze and turning on lights. Some stages are hard for children; they can be done with the help of YouTube videos.

6. Tynker

Tynker is a pretty cool way to get mid school children learn programming. It offers a number of coding courses that allows them to create their own games such as Ninja runner, goblin quest and many more.

In this digital world, coding is playing an important role in every field either business or for any career. So this is the time for parents to change their thinking and view coding as an important subject in their children’s life.