C for Coding – C for Creativity

Creativity is a skill, which should be improved and polished with the help of parents and teachers. Number of electronic gadgets have put the creativity of kids to rest. They don’t let children imagine and think. The thinking ability of the brain improves by coding activities like designing websites, apps or creating games. The coding becomes fun when learned with games like scratch. Every child loves to play angry birds, Candy Crush, Minecraft, Flappy Bird, Tic-Tac-Toe and much more. Do you know who is behind these creations? Some of these popular apps are composed by programmers who dreamed about them during their childhood.

We are living in a world where technology is rapidly increasing and we should let our kids be a part of this digital life not just by playing rather knowing how they are designed and the basics of how they work. Kids become smart while learning and writing codes, loops, variables, functions. Help your kids to understand the code they write, encourage them to make modifications to the code and help them  visualize the end result of the code.

Teach coding now and see the impact tomorrow

Parents are encouraging children to learn new skills which boost their future in this fast paced world. Still, today a majority of coders perform the basic level tasks, and there is a huge need for top notch programmers. Coding classes for kids have become the latest craze to sweep schools with the children as young as six years old beginning to learn the basics of computer programming. The tech companies are moving at a rapid speed to scale the heights of corporate success. This Excitable industry claims a promising future for your kids, as many reports and surveys confirm that millions of new jobs will be available by 2030 in the software industry. 

Coding requires problem-solving skills, computational thinking, breaking down big tasks into a logical sequence of smaller steps, removing unnecessary function and pieces of code, debugging errors and inventing new approaches with modifications to code. Many think creativity is limited to painting, writing and music, but coding is also a field that allows creating stories, games, and animations where kids can give a boost to their creativity.

India is turning into a digital hub and the demand for coding is gradually increasing. Coding is becoming an important skill and in a few years it will become an essential skill which will be used in every field or company. Coding platforms are bridging the gap between the students and professionals and thus allowing them to taste the demand of programmers in the global job market.

Parents teaching children

At Codingzen we help every student to improve their abilities with efficient and modern teaching techniques. We help your kid to blossom their ideas, dreams and opinions to implement in coding. We maintain the best atmosphere and create space to present their creative thoughts. We allow them to foster their creative ideas to explore while learning code. It takes some time, when they taste of being creative; they don’t look back. At Codingzen we unleash the creativity of kids. Programming languages lets your kid have interests, passions and ideas. It also lets them work together with other kids as a team, sharing their work with others. It helps them in the long run to maintain good social relationships.

CodingZen is helping many schools and colleges, and mainly focused on training students to improve their capabilities and creative thinking. Creative kids are more flexible and better problem solvers, which enables them to adapt to new technologies and deal with difficult challenges. To make kids smarter and creative thinkers, parents need to give them the freedom to explore their ideas and let them do whatever they want while guiding them. Some children fear to do new things, so parents need to give a little push and encourage them to participate in new activities. Parents have to provide resources for their creative expression and coding is one of them. 

Growing market trends  and changing business scenarios have somewhere made  Indian parents think of  their kid’s future, their international exposure, their abilities and their wits. There is that constant nudge for excellence that my kid has to lead it all. Yes, accepting defeat is just not our thing. No? After all, why should we? If we educate our child, we swear by the Lord of luck and God of Excellence to be with our kid throughout.  And that excellence isn’t just learnt from textbooks, Success is more than just being a literate. No offence but what do we call a kid who merely excels at textbooks and not beyond. One has to dive deep into something logical and something brain-teasing . Yes! coding, we’re talking of.

Kid learning programming using scratch

The concepts of coding are of vital importance to the future of our country, future of our region and most importantly future of our kids. How can we expect our kids to grow up to business enthusiasts when we fail to introduce them to the basics of tomorrow. The very basics if learnt today are sure to help our kids blend well with that upcoming  Zamana!

As a parent when we try to understand our kids, can we ignore the fact how connected they are, with technology no matter the age. The way they solve the problems, the way they use logic and the way they outwit us. Is that a natural thing kids are born with, Or is it a call to shake us all awake to be prepared for tomorrow? Well, of course their hidden abilities are asking for a platform to be shaped and this is what we need to take hold of!

World is changing, so should we! World is changing in the context of programming, in the context of coding, gone are the times when concepts of programming, sequencing were alien to us. World is emerging with young curiosity and horizons of coding too have stretched far beyond the traditional classroom setup. CodingZen is undoubtedly your next best switch, when it comes to coding. From classroom teaching to interactive online coding  programing, we stand firm for help. All thanks to the interactive teachers and interactive interfaces that bits of coding are changed to wits of your genius. Scroll through your preference ranging from web fundamentals to JavaScript and there you go! Because we strongly believe that your kid’s exposure to the real world is just as important as his classroom learning. Real time problem solving and application involvement is what we aim for!