Why mark Zuckerbergsays “Coding should be taught earlier”

Are you one among people who dream about becoming the next MarkZuckerberg? Recently many Technology Leaders  like Hadi, Ali Partovi, Bill Gates, Tony Hsieh, Jack Dorsey, and Facebook’s  Zuckerberg, came to talk about why learning to code is a must and how coding has become in their own success at codingze.in   Code.org foundation argues Read more about Why mark Zuckerbergsays “Coding should be taught earlier”[…]

Why parents teach children to learn code, regardless of Future

Coding is creative activity which helps the kids to think and develop their skills. Children learn easily than elders because they don’t know how difficult programming is supposed to be. So many parents think coding as math but that doesn’t mean they should be techie. You might think your kid doesn’t like write algorithms but Read more about Why parents teach children to learn code, regardless of Future[…]

Entrepreneurship for kids

With technology on their fingertips, today’s kids can begin their entrepreneurial journey anytime in life. Children of this generation are far more motivated, self-driven and expressive – some of the basic qualities of a good entrepreneur. With more and more young people joining the start-up-venture bandwagon; children have some of the best examples in line Read more about Entrepreneurship for kids[…]

Using Technology for Education

Technology, these days, is omnipresent; in all realms of our environment. From satellites to household chores it had penetrated everywhere; helping mortals simplify their work and exemplify their experience better. Education is one such sphere where technology is gaining importance with each passing day. Recently, 14 year old Ramesh Advay, a class 10 student from Read more about Using Technology for Education[…]

Whole Brain Parenting: Left Brain + Right Thinking = Whole Brain Thinking

Most young children are excited about doing a create activity, while others quick to complain, “I can’t draw”. Have you seen your child obsessed with wearing matching clothes? Or is your child more inclined towards art projects or else prefers to play and work alone? If you give the answer to the above questions as Read more about Whole Brain Parenting: Left Brain + Right Thinking = Whole Brain Thinking[…]