Coding to become creative thinkers/coding is creativity unleashed

Coding is a relatively new subject which is seen as learning a language. We use our language to sail through every day at school, work, play and home. Language helps in communication and expression of feelings. Coding is also as necessary as this when it comes to the technical and digital arena. Language is fluid; the more it is spoken, more it is absorbed. Language helps us to read, write, understand, listen, etc. Similarly, coding is not restricted to computer scientists and programmers.
“Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer….because it teaches you to think.” said Steve Jobs. Coding is meant for everyone. It involves data collection, analysing, logical thinking, critical approach and problem-solving. It also involves designing and building projects. Coding teaches students to be creative intellectuals. Their thinking process is logical yet creative. They explore possibilities beyond possibilities, imagination fuels creativity. It is a blessing to have a computer to your own to design and build something interesting. Children find coding fun and interesting.
By giving them plenty of opportunities to create, students can be effectively transformed into creative thinkers. When children can use the computer to create constructively, why would they keep glued to it for chatting and playing? It overcomes a big doubt parents have about computer usage by their kids – addiction. Transform their love for the machine for doing productive work. Coding is associated with multiple benefits – enhanced creativity being one of them.


Programming builds confidence and empowers users to think differently to arrive at a solution. Thinking out of the box is vital to develop creativity. Making the impossible work should be the challenge. An off-road thinking has helped geniuses to create things which weren’t even thought of. Coding helps children to get into “whole brain thinking” mode. It engages them effectively, encourages them to design and build with confidence and children feel so empowered with their creations.
Coding is the new language, which will help children understand the connected world with the onset of IoT (Internet of Things). Coding drives them to stay motivated and confident with their actions. Their expressions are clear and thoughts are vivid. It is interactive so the question of boredom and monotony doesn’t arise at all. They are in control of things. Coding allows them to write programs for building from scratch, redesigning, modifying existing programs like games and applications. Similarly, they can create personalised greetings, wishes for their family and friends. The possibilities are endless and their imagination is soaring high.


It helps them develop an experimenter’s mind that questions and is curious enough to take their inquisitiveness to a level above. To create becomes superior to just consuming idly. Creative thinking starts with this initiative to question. They just need the right tool and language to get started.


Codingzen is a new platform where school children can learn programming to imagine, design and build programs; thereby nurturing their creative instincts. To know more about the programs and courses log on to –