“Everyone should learn and Apply code?” We are hearing and reading this sentence time and again over the past few years. Many people associate coding with the analytical and logical thinking and it’s true. But it also helps the children to become creative thinkers.

It is quite evident from the scratch app which helps kids to learn coding through stories, games and animations, which in turn makes them to think creatively.

In today’s generation, it is important to develop the ability to think creatively. How can we develop young minds as creative thinkers? Provide suitable opportunities to improve their skills.

Almost every child knows how to operate a phone or how to chat with friends. But only a few have little experience on how to create them.

coding classes for kids

Coding Teaches Kids To Experiment

The first step in creative thinking starts with questioning. It should be taught by parents to kids to experiment and question their doubts rather than fearing to ask. Encourage them to learn new things and help them to learn from their mistakes.

Programming helps children to explore their ideas. It is process of experimentation where they get to learn how to handle simple tasks by using some commands. This enables them to slowly gain confidence and try their hand in doing more ambitious things.

Coding Helps To Think In Multiple Ways

Coding forces them to ask questions. While doing tests they will get errors for which they have to think different ways to solve a single problem. With practice kids become proficient and gain experience in technical skills, allowing them to go forward in solving increasingly complex problems, and eventually building programs completely on their own.

Programming Strengthens Whole Brain Thinking

Coding enables us to think logically. While building apps and games, it makes children to learn and use their technical skills in a creative and communicative way. This kind of ‘whole-brain’ thinking is fundamental aspect for every child to improve.

Each side of the brain controls different parts of thinking abilities and information processing. We tend to think creativity is a right brain function, but most creative people and problem solvers can effectively and properly engage both of their hemispheres

Learning programming with a platform like CodingZen is particularly powerful as it requires kids to use all their technical skills along with their artistic and also with storytelling skills which are compelling and fun.

Nurture Creativity Through Programming

Learning coding is like learning a new language, a language of creativity. It lays a foundation for leadership, innovation and ability to connect well established ideas with all new solutions and new concepts. Many tasks we can perform faster when we’re younger, so why not let our children to learn coding to unleash their brain power. Every child deserves a chance to become creators instead of users of technology. Programming is nice spark to our brain; also it is enjoyable while doing because result will be always visible.

Programming enables them to thrive in ever growing digital world. It’s creativity that lays the foundation for innovation, leadership, creativity and teamwork because it represents the ability to connect already working ideas with new solutions, new approaches and with latest concepts. Many programmers feel that their ability to simplify big complex issues or problems is just like doing a brain workout. And we owe it to our curious and imaginative kids to give them the tools to make them creative kids and problem solvers of the next generation.

It is true coding boosts our brain and also increases creativity, analyzing of problems, and logical thinking of solving problems. Coding can also play a prominent role in strengthening the brains of every kid. We should never stop learning coding; if we do we are actually stopping our child’s learning capacity and brain growth.






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