Now days, we see a lot of children using phones, tablets and are rapidly updates to any technology. But there are only few who are learning how to create them.

You may have seen children teaching their parents on how to operate a tablet or any other smart gadget. Children are will to learn how to code. They want to learn how to make tablets and computers do many useful things, which can make our lives simple and happy. They want to learn how to build websites. It’s actually a very cool thing to them.

In this fast paced life, technology becomes more prevalent and it is more important to educate our children in computer science field.

According to a report, “Almost 90 percent of Schools in U.S. are not having computer science in their curriculum. It is estimated that after the next ten years, there will be 1.4 million computer science jobs in U.S., with only 400,000 qualified professionals to fill them. There will be a shortage of 1 million people in this field in the coming next few years.”

This is a sign for everyone to take a decisively action and should start preparing for our child’s future.

Alas! How can we implement this in our lives.The internet organization has opened a large door for every child to learn coding and programming. It provides many campaigns right from age 6 to 12.


Our Educational Institutions

Around the world, many students from kindergarten school to the Ph.D. level are introducing the basics of coding, as it helps them to get acquainted with computer programming.

Many educators, advocates and government officials from the technology field comment that it is crucial to hold at least basic understanding of how the devices actually work which play a major role in modern life.

Such knowledge is not only for a student’s future career, but also for their countries economic growth and for the technology field’s ability to find qualified workers.

Many schools had revised their computing curriculum and introduced the basics of coding at the age of five. For Students beginning at 11 they will be instructed in learning and applying of at least two programming languages.

With the increased usage and availability of internet is enabling kids to learn, up build their coding abilities by even using a browser.

Benefits of Adding Coding to Curriculum

The best thing in this process is kids will be taught in a playful manner and it will not be a burden on them.Students will learn about computational thinking and learning different aspects of programming. By the end of grade 10, Students will grasp the basic knowledge of coding and can specialize in different areas of technology.

The CodingZen Greenhorn program teaches coding to young minds to the young curious minds by using fun and educational technology kits, including Scratch, Hopscotch, LittleBits and Dash.


Littlebits is a play set which contains more than 60 color-coded modules, there’s nearly an infinite amount of learning programming, and playing can do with this easy-to-use playset

Dash is a real robot that responds to voice and does many activities like dancing, singing. Children learn through playing and Dash is a perfect combination of this. It takes through the world of coding and robotics

Scratch is a programming tool that students to learn computer coding while creating interactive stories, games, animations and lot more

Hopscotch is a free iPad app for ages 8 and up that offers challenges to students via coding, which wil be a great fun in learning and developing mental abilities.

Kodu a program that allows is easy to use and allows users to create simple games. It also uses a unique math curriculum which is ultimate in its way to help students learn.

Tynker Games offers age appropriate games to teach elementary students coding concepts.

LEGO’s Mindstorms is another programming tool that allowsmany students to create and command robots.

Computer science will continue to grow in the future. Hopefully it is only a matter of time before coding and computer science become a primary things in our school systems, but that won’t be the case if we don’t start taking action now.