Why coding in necessary for kids?

It is a pro-technology world where everything far and wide is connected through a few simple clicks. The growing tech-savvy global economies leave no space for those ignorant to it. This, in itself, explains why children should learn computer programming. Children need the right tools to express their creativity and imagination in this innovation-driven world. Whatever be their future career – job or entrepreneurship, coding lays down the foundation for logical thinking and responsible decision-making.



Listed below are few reasons why your child should learn coding in school:


Coding is easy:  Learning to code is as easy as learning a language. Coding is emerging as world’s most widely used language now. Learning is best done at an early age. Children have amazing cognitive abilities and can easily learn and understand few languages at a time. Starting young is a good way because children learn better and faster. They have open and flexible minds for enhanced absorption of new ideas and concepts.

Coding is fun: Children have a natural creative instinct and gain empowerment with coding. Students love to experiment and innovate, which unleashes their imagination. Computers are cool and interesting for kids.  They find computers exciting enough to grip their interest throughout. Coding promotes logical thinking, responsible decision-making, and teamwork in a fun way. Children develop tools and experiment them to gain results and improvise. It also encourages self-driven, self-paced learning.

Coding is tomorrow’s need: It has really become important for each and everybody to be technologically fluent in today’s world.  With coding your child opens doors to better careers in all spheres and not just programming because coding builds skills that make children real world-ready.  Children have the natural inclination to use technology on their own. It can be put to good use by teaching them coding so they know how to use it constructively.

Coding promotes problem-solving abilities: Coding is a fun way to make children absorb mathematics, number calculations, logical questions and more. It promotes logical thinking and complex problem-solving independently. Children engage themselves in activities of their interest. like building apps and games; and reap parallel benefits of critical and multi-faceted approach to an effective problem-solving. It is a crucial skill in the emerging technological world. This polishes their ‘whole-brain’ thinking. They learn to understand complex challenges, fragmenting them into smaller, controlled portions to achieve maximum practicality in deriving solutions.

Coding builds prowess: Computers and its connected devices are shaping our today and will rule our tomorrow. This is exactly why kids must learn to be in sync with the technological advancements at the right time. Our devices, houses, workplaces, and almost everything is connected today and it makes perfect sense to provide these skills to our children for their future careers and growth.

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