How Codingzen makes kids life easier by teaching coding

It’s no secret that coding is the future when it comes to job opportunities.  Throughout the country, some schools are taking this seriously than others. Have a look at the recently published article for the Gazette titled Coding making its way into local curriculum as critical skill for future workforce. Here are few reasons which explains how Codingzen makes kids life easier by teaching coding.



Why Programming is definite future for your kid

In India there are fewer options to learn code at earlier age, many of the parents do have a goal to make their children to jump into technology but they feel after +2. But question does this thinking really make a difference? Is it really worthy of being taught to our children right from age 6? At Codingzen we say yes! Of course you don’t have to wait until your kid has graduated from college to get them involved! Let’s see what benefits we have when we start to teach children at earlier age.

Learning coding is a great way to empower our kids

Right from their childhood they will develop the ability to communicate with machines. They can learn how to control, operate, teach a computer to solve complicated problems, which actually turn their ideas in their mind into reality. This can actually make their ideas accessible to millions of people.

You will agree with Codingzen that it is always easier to lean language is very easier when you are young. It is already proved; same is true with coding, which is exactly a language. Believe it or not, children should be taught to code even before they completely learn to speak. Wright from childhood children always play with toys with their own language, even giving the toys with tasks.

The earlier kids get fluent in technology the better their future

In this day and age, all kids should become fluent with technology; interact with technology from an earlier age. In every career they have to use technology in this IOT GENERATION. However, what’s the future of coding? Though interacting, consuming and creating are two different things, if you begin right from their childhood, they will become capable to create new things, some unique which has come from their mind.

You will agree that Programmers are always full in demand

IN IOT generation, over next few years, coders are going to be in top in demand profession. Technology Industry in India has stalled considerably recently. Think it only applies to tech jobs? Consider this: of the 1.4 million programming jobs there will be to fill in the next decade, 67% of them will be outside of the tech sector.

Investing in coding would seem like common sense at this point. However, schools in all parts of the world that have the ability to make that investment are refusing to do so. To prepare your children for this job environment you need personalized coding education. At Codingzen Kids, we customize all of our lessons to fit your child’s expertise.

Our lessons emphasize computational thinking, which are filled with a wide range of programming concepts and languages. Students can choose from a variety of different tracks, including robotics, app making, and website development. Although we teach coding, we also keep the focus on having fun. As a result, your child is both engaged and receiving a top flight education at the same time.

Codingzen know that coding is the future in terms of necessary skills to succeed in the globalized economy.  Are you ready to further explore the options to get your kid interested in coding?

If you’re looking to take your children to coding classes, check our programs and select the best option for your kid.