Computer Basics

The CZ Computer Basics module helps the novice students to understand the basics of technology , right from what is computer inside-out to Internet usage, MS Paint and Drawing towards introduction of MS Office products.
In this module kids, go beyond learning computers as mere theoretical knowledge to grasping practically useful concepts from daily life. This is a combination of Screentime and Offscreen learning content.

computer basics

Computer Basics for Juniors

Modular Classes

Designed for young curious minds, this standard course is hands on and project based, giving them an initial get into programming

Cutting Edge Technologies

The teaching tools we tend to use are cutting edge, including some of the best brands available in the STEM education technology.

Visual, Tangible & STEM

Each session we provide a tangible product for students. We believe students are highly engaged when their learning coincides with a definite learning output.

“I love the way they teach.”

Akash Sharma, Class 1 St. Marks School


  • Programme runs throughout the year with several batches starting at various dates
  • 48 weekly classes per module, each class is 1 hours long
  • Maximum batch size upto 7 students per faculty
  • Exclusive invite to special one-off workshops
  • Semester, individual feedback from instructor
  • Regular one-on-one parent teacher conference
  • End of term module completion certificate
computer basics class

“Seeing the digital rat race that goes on, I didn’t want my daughter to be left behind, and CodingZen was definitely a good choice. They have very knowledgeable faculty who teach with great patience and leave no doubt unanswered.. She cannot wait to attend the next session, kudos to CodingZen! Now we are all interested to learn coding!”

Neha Chopra, Parent of Shivani Chopra


7:1 Ratio Guarantee

CodingZen believes in creating a personal bond with the student. We work as much as coach to the students as we are teachers and facilitators. By having a small class, each student benefits from maximum attention from faculty, while learning from peers in a group setting.

Personalized Learning

We have designed our modules such that the students learn at their own pace. The curriculum of each module is level-based, meaning that every student can learn at their own appropriate pace.

Hands-on Project-based Learning

CodingZen believes in experimental learning, hands-on creation and lots of fun.

What happens after this programme?

What happens after this module? Similar to learning any other language, technology learning happens through an continual, immersive commitment. CodingZen offers  multi year curriculum right from young ones to high school students that allows to deepen and broaden their knowledge in computer science, hardware and software development.