Though the human brain is curious and creative; the hustle bustle of our daily routine covers it up with a layer of a mundane life. The same is true for people of all ages- be it a toddler or a veteran. The fast paced life of today has absorbed us and somehow left us with no time to do a recheck on our choices and priorities.

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Every grown up has a child-like heart and brain that likes play and imagination. If we check ourselves, most of us will find a daydreamer creative person waiting to be released. The recent times make us feel so trapped that even our tea time has become a task rather than a pleasurable activity. This needs to change.

Even though we complain that technical advancements have complicated our lives; there is a reason to smile. It has introduced us to the wonderful world of computer programming which develops our imagination, enhances curiosity and embraces challenges. Going back to computer programming is a life transforming experience for many. Coding enables people to reconnect with their original self or sometimes to the child within.

It is not just acquiring a skill that promises good future job prospects but also polishes a rusty brain to think and create with impeccability. People who have been in stagnant careers or life stages for years have tried imbibing coding to break free and voila! They did it. It is so much relaxing and relieving for the mind that even many parents are keen that their kids also study coding while in school. And it is not crazy. Coding is as easy as learning a language but offers multiple benefits alongside.

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It switches the brain’s mode to do whole brain thinking. It is known to improve logical thinking and develop a critical approach-both important set of skills for complex problem solving. It sharpens analyzing powers and reasoning capabilities. It empowers the learner to create and build independently. In a seemingly rushing future world, this seems to be a good choice.

Creative Coding gives you the power to ditch a monotonous desk job to be your own boss. You can think and work independently, achieve effective results. It can lead you to entrepreneurship where you may have flexible schedules and work in your comfort zone. This setup allows working more in less time, save time wasted on long commutes, increases effective earnings, and brings in tremendous job satisfaction.

With a computer and an internet connection, your dependence on a physical work-space decreases. The world is your work desk. People can choose to work from remote locations at their preferred times and moreover, have enough time after work to pursue other interests and hobbies they love. Many employees feel depressed even after getting a well-paying job, for they have no time for their hobbies.

Coding is changing the way world looks at computer-related jobs. This is no regular sitting job that freaks out people. It empowers and enables to think more and achieve higher. Coding compels you to think. Thinking fuels imagination and creativity.