Entrepreneurship for kids

With technology on their fingertips, today’s kids can begin their entrepreneurial journey anytime in life. Children of this generation are far more motivated, self-driven and expressive – some of the basic qualities of a good entrepreneur. With more and more young people joining the start-up-venture bandwagon; children have some of the best examples in line to follow. They can convince themselves and their parents on why they shouldn’t join the mundane rat race and instead, be their own boss.


With a blooming and bursting new age economy like India, there is a good scope of new ventures providing efficient services. People have quit their comfy jobs to experience business and its facilitation. Independent minds are best innovators; as everyone would agree. New age educationists have often counselled parents on encouraging child’s entrepreneurial abilities rather than containing them.

It’s a natural expression and reaction to the world around them. The idea of synthesising knowledge and implementation is often junked. Artificial synthesis of talent is not just unhealthy but also unproductive. There are scores of people all over the world who could have been good business providers but are, instead, trapped in unproductive monotonous jobs that makes them dread each new day.

A famous saying goes: I would rather be unsuccessful than unhappy. Failures aren’t counter- productive or negative. Every failure is one step forward to success. Entrepreneur skills teach young kids to embrace failures and move on. They are happy and content people; who strive to do better for community building and society as a whole. They would make for good contributing citizens. Successful businessmen and businesswomen are also known to be good at philanthropy, which endorses qualities of compassion, consideration, and empathy. They engage in giving back to the society. We need more citizens of the future with these qualities.

Studies indicate that children from business-run families are more likely to follow them. Their energy and ideas need channelization in positive direction. Young children have more tactical characteristics but it dips down with growing age. This is where educationists and parents need to encourage and foster entrepreneurial skill-building in young students. They must be taught about micro and macro planning, risk taking, accepting success and failures.

Entrepreneurship is being introduced as a mainstream subject in Indian schools as an elective subject for higher classes; which by any way is a good start. Apart from encouraging curiosity and creativity, it also nurtures work ethics and value of money in young children. Parents are often complaining on how children demand and don’t seem to value money. When they know how it is earned; they are enlightened about saving and building capital.

The present generation students are also keen and ready to learn computer programming at primary school level. Schools have also taken the initiative to teach students coding. Coding is tech-oriented and cool subject. It generates interest and curiosity and also enhances cognitive and imaginative abilities. Codingzen; a coding institute for kids based in New Delhi started with the aim to introduce young minds to the world of creative technology through well structured courses and programs. They have workshops for children as young as toddlers till class 12. To Know more log on to – www.codingzen.in