Entrepreneurship for kids

In December 2010, a new mobile game app called “Bubble Ball” was launched on the Apple app store. Mostly, a new game app get a few hundreds of downloads in first week of its launch. But this bubble ball received more than 1 million downloads. Wondering who built this millionaire app. It was created by a 14 year old boy named Robert Nay, a very successful entrepreneur.

He had no previous experience in coding. He learned everything through research from a public library and produced 4,000 lines of code in just one month.

Now, he is a successful entrepreneur continuing to develop games under his own brand, Nay Games


Why you want your children to be independent and successful?

In today’s world, there is a necessity to teach kids about entrepreneurship. With rapid development, many problems will lead to daunting task in the job market. How can parents help their kids to cope up this environment?  The best answer is to teach the about entrepreneurship, when the time comes it helps them to create their own opportunities

It will help the child to become employers rather than employees and creates them independent, successful person in their lives. Not only that, it provides a way to earning money.

Do we really need more entrepreneurs?

We’ll always need doctors, lawyers and accountants, but we sure as need lots entrepreneurs, also.

That is why we need to think, how we can pay it forward and help inspire, mentor, and empower many girls and boys to think like entrepreneurs?

Start right from the school

Mostly Schools discourage entrepreneurial thinking of kids. The just want their students to focus on the given task assigned to them. They don’t encourage dreaming up their own projects and giving life to it.

It is not necessary for child to be topper in his grade. Don’t forget that many successful entrepreneurs include Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Richard Branson who are non-college graduates.

We must say that there are plenty of teachers who leave a strong impact on kids and inspire them to follow their dreams. But if consider the whole system of education, they often encourage young minds to pursue the traditional jobs rather than entrepreneurial thinking. They groom students to become good employees.

Now a days many kids already started identifying entrepreneurship as their future career path — even if they don’t yet know all the fundamentals, marketing skills, before  inventing a product or starting a business — some parents are taking notice too. So what does it take to help your kid become the next Steve Jobs?

Teach to entrepreneurship for children

Not every entrepreneur becomes successful; as it contains some crucial attributes which helps them to succeed. Now, it is your responsibility as a parent to teach your child.

Help your child to improve their skills .Educate your child about how to invest money and how to save them. Explain them with relevant illustrations. For example, encourage them to start with small projects like selling old toys and let them price their products or take advice from them on investing money.

Encourage them to explore their space and to develop their mind. Constantly ask a question which helps them to find new ways for same problem. Give them books and help them to be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things.

The two mile stones for becoming successful entrepreneur are Goal setting and Perfect planning. These are positive habits that need to be installed in child’s psychology by parents. The sooner child learns how to plan and execute them, he becomes a better entrepreneur.

Codingzen provides tools and resources to help your child and encourage entrepreneurial spirit in your kids.