Frequently Asked Questions


Does my child need to have any prior coding experience?

All students ranging from beginners to advanced are welcome. The CodingZen’s curriculum is designed for students with any level of prior experience, including none!

How old does my child have to be?

We work with students ages 5 and up. If you have a student under the age of 5 and feel (s)he is ready, please contact us for an evaluation.

Is the CodingZen Curriculum suitable for my child?

Every child is different, and our way of teaching recognizes this. Our faculty are trained to inspire complete newbies to program and to challenging gifted students in their work. Every student can learn to code, and the CodingZen curriculum is religiously designed to fit their different ability levels and learning styles, such that every student can create outcomes they can be proud of.

Is this a preparation for a career as a coder? What about kids who don't want to go into it?

We don’t assume everyone wants to work in IT any more than a music teacher would assume all their students will become professional musicians. Learning to code is a great skill, regardless of what path you want to follow in life. More and more, everyone needs to be at least technically literate to thrive professionally, regardless of career path. More importantly in the short term, building cool things with code is a lot of fun!

I want my 10 year-old to learn Python. Does he/she still have to go through your Scratch programme?

We would highly recommend your child to initiate their coding journey with Scratch. It is a programme which is designed specifically to teach young children programming fundamentals by MIT Lab, USA. The critical programming concepts which your child will learn in Scratch is easily transferable to other programming languages. We would want to cultivate your young child’s interest in coding and inspire him/her to pick up coding as a career or a path to be an Entrepreneur.

To start with Python, a text-based coding language, at a young age, may not be as ideal to him/her as he/she will have to grapple with not only the computational thinking, but also the syntax portion. Our curriculum is designed to build up logical and computational thinking in children, before they are exposed to syntax-based languages, such as Python.

What are the qualifications of your teachers?

CodingZen faculty are typically seasoned professionals with IT background and Industry Experience.

All teachers undergo detailed training in educating students the CodingZen way of teaching, as well as the curriculum before they are assigned to a batch.


Does my child need to bring a computer?

We recommend students to bring their own computers. This is for learning continuity and because they are more comfortable working on them.

What are Device Requirements?

For Juniors Program: iPad/ Android Tablets

For Learners & Explorers: Windows or Mac laptop, Entry level system is fine.

For Creators: Few modules require high end processing power, 16 GB RAM and 4 GB Graphics Card

For Online Classes: Webcam & Internet Connection additionally required.


What is the difference between Holiday Camps and Regular Weekly classes?

There is no difference in the content covered for either Summer/Winter Holiday Camps or Regular Weekly Classes. Holiday Camps may have more classes in a given week to pace up the delivery of content. We run both types of classes to cater to the different needs of students, and the material is exactly the same for each of the modules.

What is your average class size?

Our classes have the maximum teacher to student ratio of 1:10. We keep our classes small so that every student benefits from maximum personalized attention.

Does CodingZen offer Trial classes?

Most Certainly! We would love to have students come by our centre for a trial. Book directly by filing the form here. Trial slots are subject to availability.

Does CodingZen offer 1-to-1 classes?

Yes, we offer 1-to-1 personalized classes and we can customise a course to fit your needs and schedule. Call or Whatsapp at +91 9958405905 to enquire about our rates.


What is the company’s Public holiday policy?

Our centres will be closed on Public Holidays. Any lessons that fall on Public Holidays will be made up in the following week as per the planned Schedule

What if a student misses a class? What is the make-up policy?

We will try our best to slot in students into a suitable replacement class, subject to availability and timings at our centres. Unless absent for medical reasons, a lead time of at least 2 weeks is required prior to missing the class, in order for arrangements to be made.

What is the schools’ cancellation and refund policy?

In the event that the class is confirmed, no cancellations or refunds will be allowed. However, students may move their credits to another course of their timing.


Where do you offer classes?

Besides the In-Center programs, we offer In-School workshops, Personal Classes and Online classes. Please read the Contact-Us section to know the current locations where we offer this course. Please contact us if you’d like us to expand to other locations.

What are your operating hours? How can we contact you?

Our typical operating hours are from 10am to 7pm daily. Whilst we welcome walk-ins, it is best to book an appointment before coming down to any of our centres. You can also call/whatsapp  at +91 9958405905. For more information, visit:

Can my kid really learn programming? Will he/she be able to understand it?

Learning to code or to write a program is like initiating to learn a new language or a new instrument. In today’s digital age, it is critical that our children start young so that they can thrive and become confident creators of technology, than mere consumers. Many tech giants started at a young age; Bill Gates had his first foray into coding at the age of 13, and Mark Zuckerberg created a network of computers just at the age of 10.

Students learn life-skills such as logical thinking and problem solving, and most importantly computational thinking – the ability to break down a problem and solve it by giving step-by-step instructions to a computer .

At CodingZen, our curriculum is especially designed to inspire and nurture the students to develop an interest in coding. Just like any new field of study, the way the lesson is structured and taught plays a huge important role. We firmly believe in starting our students off in the right manner, whether they aspire to be a Computer Scientist, or they are a planning to launch their own startup.

What is coding?

Coding is instructing the computer to work in a language that it understands. There are various coding languages that a computer uses; just like how we use English or our Mother Tongue to communicate with our family and friends. The fundamentals of all these languages are the same – the ability to break down problems into smaller pieces (decomposition), think logically and give step-by-step instructions (algorithmic thinking) to the computer.

Why should my child learn coding?

Coding is considered the “new literacy” by many education institutions and Senior Educators around the world. Experts agree that it is an important subject that every student needs to grasp in order to thrive in school and life, whether or not they eventually pursue a career in Computer Science. Logical thinking and problem-solving are also important skills that they pick up in the course of learning to code. Please do go through our page at

How will coding help my kids in school?

With India’s drive to train up students and workers who are Future Ready, it is common for students to have had some exposure to coding in their schools. Our program enhances what has been learnt, and accelerates your child’s learning. Our experienced faculty will also provide your child with personalized attention and our progressive series of coding classes will move your child to an advanced level of understanding, which goes beyond the curriculum taught in schools.

Why is there a placement test for your non-introductory courses?

We want to ensure that every student who comes to our class benefits and learns. Hence, it is utmost vital that the child is enrolled in the right course to provide them with the right level of challenge and aptitude. We will need to assess his/her foundation level as the curriculum offered by other avenues may be different.

We also offer bridging modules for your child if he/she needs to build their foundation before attending our non-introductory courses.

Still have Questions, Do reach out to us and we will be glad to help.