Game Development Junior

The Game Development Jr program engages young creators to learn about computer science and logical thinking.

Using beginner-friendly software like iPad-based ScratchJr along with screenless STEM toys like Smartivity and interactive tools like littleBits, MakeyMakey and circuit Scribe, students begin to understand how hardware and software works to create their very first coding projects.

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Modular Classes

Designed for young curious minds, this standard course is hands on and project based, giving them an initial get into programming

Cutting Edge Technology

The teaching tools we tend to use are cutting edge, including some of the best brands available in the STEM education technology.

Visual, Tangible & STEM

Each session we provide a tangible product for students. We believe students are highly engaged when their learning coincides with a definite learning output.


  • Suggested Age: 6+ Years
  • Prerequisites: No prior coding experience
  • Content: 4 Levels. 24 weekly classes per level, each class is 1 hour long
  • Language: English
  • Location: Online or Classroom
  • Batch Size: Maximum batch size upto 5 students per faculty for online classes
  • Start Date:  Programme runs throughout the year with several batches starting at various dates.
  • Credits: End of term module completion certificate & performance awards
  • Other Features:
    • Exclusive invite to special one-off workshops
    • Semester, individual feedback from instructor
    • Regular one-on-one parent teacher conference
Game Development Junior


5:1 Ratio Guarantee

CodingZen believes in creating a personal bond with the student. We work as much as coach to the students as we are teachers and facilitators. By having a small class, each student benefits from maximum attention from faculty, while learning from peers in a group setting.

Personalized Learning

We have designed our modules such that the students learn at their own pace. The curriculum of each module is level-based, meaning that every student can learn at their own appropriate pace.

Hands-on Project-based Learning

CodingZen believes in experimental learning, hands-on creation and lots of fun

Detailed Curriculam

Scratch Jr

Scratch Junior: Playing with Code

Using a visual interface designed for young learners, ScratchJr is the latest iPad-based application developed in collaboration with MIT Media Labs.

Through intuitive drag-and-drop coding blocks, students are introduced to the foundations of programming through creating simple games and animations.

Through experimenting with code students develop an understanding of logical thinking and basic computer science concepts. Students also cover Tynker and Hopscotch

Hardware Exploration

This course is designed for young children to learn the fundamentals of robotics and programming.

Using intuitive iPad-based apps, students practice giving commands to the robots using blocks-based programming through working on coding challenges and projects.

Utilising tools such as LittlebIts, Dash & Dot and Sphero, students practise mathematical and programming concepts such as time, speed and conditionals.

Through visual and real-world execution of their code, students start to appreciate how software interacts with hardware to develop computational thinking skills.

hardware exploration
Paper circuits

Paper Circuits

In this section of the module, we introduce an interesting tool for learning about science and computer hardware – Paper Circuits using Circuit Scribe and Bare. Paper Circuits are circuits drawn on normal paper with drawing inks that conducts electricity. Students make creative projects and experiments to learn about electricity, circuits, and the related scientific principles behind these experiments!

By playing with Electric Dough, students will learn various components and concepts in circuit electronics. Students will also gain better insights in how electricity works under instructor’s guidance, and they will understand better how electronic devices work in our daily lives!

Offline STEM Toys

Through experimenting with Smartivity STEM kits using fun and engaging products and designs, students develop an understanding of fundamental principles of S.T.E.M. subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Students start to develop Analytical Intelligence, Creativity, Practical Skills and inspires Discussions & Questioning

Section 1
  • Introduction to Scratch – Blocks and Functionalities.
  • Basic Program Designing Logics.
  • Motion and Looks Blocks.
Section 2
  • Costumes – Designing and Editing.
  • Downloading Sound and Sensing Block Elements
  • Backdrop Switching
Section 3
  • Movement in Games
  • Story Designing and  Broadcasting.
  • Animation layout
  • Sample Mixers
Section 4
  • Start-up of a Game.
  • Designing the game closure.


“I did it in school… and I tried [Scratch] a few times at home but I never really understood it. [After the workshop] I understand pretty much what every [Scratch] block does”

Garvit Dhingra, Age 5, Delhi Public School, R.K Puram

“We wanted to give my daughter an exposure to technology. Just that we were not sure if it is too early to start. Looking at the CodingZen curriculum for juniors we decided to go ahead. Having done it for sometime now my daughter is excited to move ahead to next module and I am super happy.”

Shweta Singla, Parent of Aditi Singla

“I’ve learned that this isn’t just playing a game.CodingZen really allows a child’s creativity to come through, which I think is phenomenal.

Thank you CodingZen!”

Rahul Singh, Parent of Rohan Singh

Student Work

Learning Pathway Post This Module?

Similar to learning any other language, technology learning happens through an continual, immersive commitment. CodingZen offers  multi year curriculum right from young ones to high school students that allows to deepen and broaden their knowledge in computer science, hardware and software development.

Student can choose to deep dive in next level of Game Development 3.0 Scratch Games in the Learner Program.

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