Importance to teach your kids to code

Coding is a highly useful skill which helps children to think creatively about technology and expressing themselves in new ways. Programming is a powerful tool that helps you to figure out whether one’s thought of solution is correct or wrong.


Here some reasons why you should teach your kids to code:

Creative Thinking

Coding helps children to build their confidence and creative abilities are also stimulated. Coding is all about creating and making things come to life. As everyone knows, children like to create new things either in painting or dressing up a doll. To bring the creative thinking of your child you need to encourage them.

Kids learn faster and better

Today’s generations are faster in learning anything new. Most of the kids play games in computers and know how to chat with their friends through mobiles. So, it is the perfect time for parent to teach their children about coding and programming. As we know Young minds can be mold easily and learning programming empowers kids. It may scare us thinking it as just nothing but math. But it also involves science, logical thinking and Problem solving. For children it is nothing but learning a new language which helps them to turn their creativity into reality.

Problem Solving

Coding is all about telling a computer what to do. Today, Computer is a new language and every field such as banking, social media, shopping, security relies on computer software. Programing teaches them how to break difficult projects into smaller tasks and how to think logically. These skills will help them to solve problems in real life.Coding also helps to create interest in math’s subject for students who find it boring. While building games and apps, students learn to use and develop their technical skills, communication skillsand creativity.

Encourage to explore

HAVE you ever noticed children asking questions? With wide, eager eyes, they look up at you say: Why is the sky blue? Who taught the birds to sing? It’s not easy to answer them. Even after your best answer may lead to yet another question: Why?

This is just an example to say that children always try to learn new things and they just need a push. And Learning Programming is a cool way to which helps children to express themselves.

Preparing them for Tomorrow/ Future

Computer programming or code is a crucial 24th century skill every child should know. Over the next ten years, Programming will be one of the fastest growing businesses. If it is learn earlier, it will help them to succeed in the competitive world in future. It will act as a stepping stone towards future. Learning code does not mean they need to become a programmer in future but it adds a skill that will be useful in every field.

Fun to learn

Solving Puzzles and Puzzles is always fun. Many say coding as difficult but nothing is impossible as it seems. It’s always pleasure of making things that are helpful for others or implementing our own idea. Similarly Building new apps or games and sharing with friends is fun for students. While solving problems and seeing the solution of your problem is great fun.

Story telling through code

Programming follows a sequence of steps just like telling a story. CodingZen is designed for kids and it uses games to teach them how to code and how to follow step by step.. This will create curiosity in child’s mind to learn even more. This will improve a child’s thinking ability which helps him to become successful in future