How these kids entered into entrepreneurship

Isn’t it wonderful, that we’re witnessing many milestones in technology day by day? We are actually admired to the mind boggling things like Google, Facebook, twitter, and many more. With simple search in Google to learn whole coding courses has become very common. More interestingly, there is no barrier of age, nationality or geographical background to stop us from getting into entrepreneurship.


These 6 young stars, driven by curiosity, and created apps after learning how to code. There’s no doubt that for these youngsters age is truly just a number.

1. Michael Sayman (Age 17)

Michael Sayman, a 17 yr. old, created a word game named 4snaps, in which players take photos that make up a word. Other has to guess them. In reality his app created a sensation, that he was called for an annual conference, and gin intern at Facebook, where he met Mark Zuckerberg. Michael Sayman created this app at the age of 12. He is best known for creating a fastest growing app in mobile games, which is a number 1 in Apple store. Currently he is the youngest product manager at Facebook.

2. Brittany Wenger (Age 19)

Brittany Wenger created an app for diagnosis of breast cancer. She was inspired by her cousin’s breast cancer diagnosis process. Global Neural Network Cloud Service can detect 99% of tumors. Brittany won the Google Science Fair in 2012 with it. She is actually creating a buzz in medical history.

She self-taught herself buy reading a coding textbook and spent five years over research and went through several pages of coding and data that was available on public domains.

3. Ethan Duggan (Age 13)

Ethan Duggan a young entrepreneur of age 13 has created app LazyHusband (iOS, Androi). This young mind created many more apps, LazyWife,  LazyKid, Bargument,

He learned programming through a summer camp in about three months. He wants to see himself as a programmer in the near future.

4. Nick D’Aloisio (Age 18)

Nick D’ Aloisio is the youngest person in the world to raise venture capital. He created an app named Summly which gained millions of downloads in four months.  This app mainly aimed to summarize news content from different websites and make it easier for reading on smart phones. This means a person doesn’t need to search various websites for information.

He got funding from several millionaires such as Yoko Ono, Ashton Kutcher , Rupert Murdoch and Stephen Fry are just a few.

5. Julian Wyzykowski (Age 16)

Julian Wyzykowski at the age of 16 years he was into digital games and deciding to et into the business of developing them. He created eight mobile apps and games and has his own company Combustible Games.

He is not resting on his laurels but he is still developing and thinking up more games to create. His new app W8 helps to aggregate new and events for those who like to read on the go.

6. Arjun Kumar (Age 14)

An Indian boy Arjun Kumar won the MIT App Inventor Contest in 2012.  His app TheEz School Bus Locator drew heads after his victory.  This app made for parents whose kids travel to school via school bus. This does three important things. It lets them know where the bus is, whether their child is on the bus and when the bus reaches home.

Arjun gives an advice to other young people who are interested in computer science and app development. He asks them to look for problems around them and get inspired by those.  This will provide a lot of opportunities to use your own skills.

This article named just a few entrepreneur kids and there are many who entered into business after learning to code.