How to make coding easy for your children

Teaching coding to children can be a big deal. In a World, where the rising demand for coders has made many schools to introduce lessons in programming and some are conducting workshops during holidays. It’s now in the school curriculum in UK from age 4. Unfortunately parents in India are unaware of coding changes.


Teaching kids to learn code is a big deal. Learning Code trains your kids in logic and clear thinking. It’s a valuable skill which helps in everyday life and industry that deals with computers.

But don’t be mum thinking you have never coded before and it is impossible for you teach your kids?

As a Parent you can do…

Seriously you can.

As a parent, you are child’s first and most important teacher, you have proved yourself in teaching a language to your kid There are many ways that parents can support their children’s learning code.

But are you confused about the best way to teach your kid how to code? There are more options than you might think.

From games to apps and robots, , literally there are dozens and dozens of ways to teach children about logic and programming beyond plopping them in front of a teacher or tutor even at an early age.


  1. Just like any other language, coding language has sequences and patterns.
  2. Young minds re hard wired to spot and absorb those patterns.
  3. For younger children you can use songs and rhymes to teach them code and for older ones it’s better to use jokes or any stories to teach code.
  4. Some parents may be thinking it is burden for kids to learn and remember all the programming. But it is nothing like that, there are many apps with drag and drop code locks which make the children understand coding in a simple way.
  5. Get some coding kits and let them feel the joy of creating with fun.
  6. Don’t expect them to code after teaching, they will need examples to let them see what they could d and help them to absorb the code along with practicing.
  7. We are aware that young children learn best through doing. They are always eager to try new things to see what happens and learn through what they see. So it is the best way to let them learn to code.
  8. Let them to travel in their imagination world. If they start learning the sequences and patterns in coding they will start coding their own imaginations.

Apps, Games and Robots That Teach Programming

OK, so you are ready to start coding with your kids.

Find out how your child is doing. See how well your child is doing in. If your child is not doing well. It’s important to act early before it gets too late.

Have high expectations and help them to make it realistic. Never limit your child to few things, let them explore their inner god given gifts. Suggest them to join their peers to become more creative.

Here is a list of few apps and games that help you to make coding easy for children

Tynker, Scratch, Hopscotch, Kodable, RoboMind, Etoys and many more.

Thousands of schools are using these tools in their computer classes to teach coding for kids. It is worth taking a look at.


So there you have it, these coding programs are popular with children, teachers and parents who use them. However, there many options available for you to choose from. Some are free and others require paying a monthly fee after trial period.