Why mark Zuckerbergsays “Coding should be taught earlier”

Are you one among people who dream about becoming the next MarkZuckerberg?

Recently many Technology Leaders  like Hadi, Ali Partovi, Bill Gates, Tony Hsieh, Jack Dorsey, and Facebook’s  Zuckerberg, came to talk about why learning to code is a must and how coding has become in their own success at codingze.in



Code.org foundation argues that there is a worldwide shortage of computer coders, because only 1 in 10 schools in America teach kids how to code. They mentioned that only few states have included computer science in their curriculum of high school graduation. But when it comes to India it’s almost not even in the near future.

Why it is neglected by many Schools and Parents?

When planning to become available for this profession, majority take their decision to jump in computer science in their graduation. Not everyone lives near a coding camps, and most parents don’t know how to code.

What is Zukerberg’s Message?

Forget trying to become a doctor or Engineer, or a cricket star, you may get teased for being a nerd at school — computers are the one where it’s at. This is the one message of Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and other tech execs urged all young people to learn coding at earliest. These two wealthy and well-connected coders of the world pleaded about getting kids and educators jazzed about coding.

What are his Actions towards teaching code to kinds?

“Our policy (at Facebook) is mainly to hire as many as new talented computer engineers as we can find,” Zuckerberg says. “The whole limit in the system is that we have a very few talented people who are trained and have all these skills today.”

Mark Zuckerberg the Facebook CEO appears to be passionate about very supporting technology and computer science education. Previously Zukerberg’s and a handful of other top technology execs announced a $3 million annual prize for researchers doing life-saving work, saying it may inspire some more future scientists.

How Parents and teachers can help kids following Zuckerberg?


“Learning the programming didn’t start off with everyone wanting to learn all of the computer science or trying to master it.” Zuckerberg says.


“It simple started off because I wanted to do this one simple thing — I wanted to make something new that was fun for me and my sisters.” Yes one simple truth and thought has actually helped the world to create Facebook. We all agree that kids have very imaginative thoughts, their visualizations; their way doing things is always creative. Coding actually improves kid’s vocabularies and encourages them to think in many different computational ways, even develops their whole brain thinking. Then why not encourage your kids to become future Zuckerberg.

The programmers of tomorrow are the big wizards of the future

Coding can be life changing. Mark explains the impact of coding on his life.

It is true Coding can change your child’s life too. When it comes to coding education, your best choice is Codingzen. At Codingzen, our lessons focus on computational thinking, which includes wide variety of learning programming languages with different concepts.

Codingzen actually builds teaching, while adjusting starting points to each student’s level and of expertise. Thus, the entire curriculum is customized. Codingzen puts efforts to bring more programming classes to schools and include them in the curriculum, and encourage students to learn how to code.

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