Why parents teach children to learn code, regardless of Future

Coding is creative activity which helps the kids to think and develop their skills. Children learn easily than elders because they don’t know how difficult programming is supposed to be. So many parents think coding as math but that doesn’t mean they should be techie.

You might think your kid doesn’t like write algorithms but they might enjoy creating apps, games and designing websites with which they play.


Codingzen has many ways to teach beginners of all ages how to code and there are experienced teachers to teach kids easily and in a better way. Here are few reasons why parents should teach children to learn code regardless of future.

1. To express themselves

Coding is the new literacy of today’s world. Facebook Chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg, says that everyone including celebrities, educators business leaders should support a new movement with a main purpose to teach children to write and read code.

In this changing world, young people must learn to create, design and express themselves with digital technologies.

Coding is not just for creating software’s and websites, its impact extends far beyond what we think. For example, if a project needs to create a dozens of folders with a proper name. To do it manually, it takes hours of time, but with a simple coding script it takes just a few seconds to complete. The program will ask where to create the folders and the name and number of lessons in the course. So programming helps to complete the work easier.

2. A way to do social service

Consider this example,a group of programmers in Boston realized they could use coding to improve their city’s safetyduring a snowstorm. They discovered a problem that firefighters have to fire hydrants buried in the snow and it takes a lot of time.  They came up with a solution and created a program that identified the location of every hydrant in the city. This helped to improve the safety of the Boston city in the event of fire.

This way coding can help children to help others and society and makes them a better person.

3. To build Confidence

Confidence should be gained and developed just like any other skill. Confidence comes through sheer practice and more often you do something the more confident you will become.

For example, if your kid practices coding they will learn new things and think different ways to solve a problem. Sometimes they get successful and sometimes they fail. But every mistake helps them to build their own solutions in their own way.

4. Detail oriented personality

A detail oriented person pays attention to every detail and makes sincere effort to understand the causes instead paying more attention on the effects. Coding also helps to improve how the brain works and makes you a detail oriented person.

There is much more to programming than learning how to read and write in a programming language. Coding is all about learning how to solve a problem using sequence of steps and a suitable language for the task at hand.

5. Children learn more when they are young

Learning to code using games is exciting for young kids. This will spark their interest in coding. Coding with fun helps them to grasp knowledge.  They learn while enjoying with the games.

6. Fluent with technology

Tablets and smart phones are common to today’s generation of children. We can say that technology plays a very important role in their life. Parents need to educate their children in this field at an early age. This will help them to use it a useful and best possible way.

Many programmers say that they wish they had exposure to coding in their childhood. This tells us how important it is for children today.