What parents think of introducing young minds to the world of technology, and programming

If you are amongst those parents who have had a concern that too much computer time is turning into an addiction for their children, your concern is not really wrong but how to channelize the computer time is what you should exactly be worried about. Today’s parents are progressive and want their kids to become technically efficient but they hesitate to reveal the fright they undergo when their children use the computer and log onto the virtual world.


That their children may share restricted personal information, reveal secret data, or view something age-inappropriate are only some of the concerns. Television and internet have been labelled as the new age ‘Pied pipers’ not long ago.

However, an interactive, connected world is not a myth anymore. Parents are well aware of the advancements as well and can fathom the shape these may take in the future. They want their kids to be future-ready but minus the negatives. Parents are slowly sharing their fear of the internet ghost but also agree that if correctly used it provides for a great learning experience. An expert skill in technology today is, undoubtedly a great career prospect in future.

As many parents come out of the shell, talking about their reservations on adapting online learning; many believe that among the many options that kids have from the world of technology; there is nothing as creativity enhancing as coding.

Parents are agreeing that learnt early, computer programming and coding can change the way kids use computer technology and the internet. This brings about a big social change. Parents accepting new age media-based online education, is a step that goes far and wide in education today. When children-developed useful apps and drones, and playful games and robots win accolades at international platforms; they are instantly recognised for their useful contribution. This has instilled confidence and convinced the parents that computer programming is the future their children need to be comfortable with. However, starting young is the catch.

It is a means to connect socially, think diversely, and act globally. It enhances creative and logical thinking, motivates for self-study, and initiates experimentation processes in young learners. The wasteful time spent on playing games and viewing videos has been arrested by constructivism. More than anything, computer coding is a fun-way to learn complex skills, like organising, analysing, and problem-solving.

As the world evolves steadily, technology is becoming pervasive. It is time children embrace the coding to gain an edge that helps them in real world competitiveness and career-building as well; besides helping them develop a creative approach to problem solving.

Computer programming is not just for technical people and geeks; even entrepreneurs of different fields apply its knowledge to gain practical solutions. It cannot be confused for being a subject in realms of science stream. It is generic. Its benefits and knowledge are diverse and positive. Coding may play an important role in developing a child’s interpersonal skills and proficiency as well. It is bound to enrich the lives of millions of children who will be joining the future workforce.

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