Practical steps to teach code to kids

Ever wondered how talking cat, temple run and many more are created? Well you say because of coding. You are right. But how could you make your children do things like this? Can they create them? How can we teach them coding? Are you struggling to teach your children to learn code? Then Keep reading to find out!


When we think of teaching code to our kids, we struggle in doing it. There are many ways you can teach your kid to make them learn code. A lot of approaches can be learned off-screen also. Today I will share some off-screen activities that teach kids computer coding.

How does that actually work? It is basically about 3 things that preschoolers are pretty darned good at …

  1. Creating Stuff
  2. Shapes with meanings
  3. Sequence ordering

1. Creating Stuff

Every kid gets the idea of consequences. Kids can imagine when they hit a button it might make a noise or light up or spin round.

Codingzen uses coding apps which have colored code blocks that kids can drag and drop to make things work out.

You can ask them what kind of stuff they want to make and what they want in their result. You can give them hints like making a bus, car, make the wheels on the bus go round and round.

 2. Shapes with meanings

Now young kids also draw different shapes can make different meanings.

For example, Ask them to draw a green circle can mean GO, whereas a red square can mean to STOP. By doing this now their thinking ability increases as they start responding to imaginative codes. Help them to develop abstract thinking skill of using a symbol, color, word, thing to represent something.

3. Sequence ordering

Well Coding is actually about sequencing stuff in proper order. So now ask your kid to break a series of actions into small steps, this will help him to understand and plan accordingly.

For example, make your child to do a fun activity like write an instruction on a simple task, such as making a Vegetable pie. So that he can start maintain a list, breaking into small steps and many more.

Improve their skills

Coding is basically a guide for computer to accomplish a task following steps, one way to make practice for young children to understand coding, is to play Instructed Map Route.

Ex: Krishna on the floor the starting and ending points, and arrange a few obstacles on the route. Have your kid close eyes and follow the instructions from you. The instructions should be like these: tell them to take 3 steps forward, turn right and 2 steps forward, turn right and walk 6 steps. Remember to point out the count of steps and it should be adjusted to the size of the steps. Now what they has to do is setting up sequence of things to take place, and order. This helps them with numeracy and literacy skills.

One of the main Elements in learning code is to find the pattern form the irregular events. Let them play pattern games. These offline coding activities will enhance the coding experience and it will be great.

We need to teach young minds to code in creative way that totally fires their imaginations.

Let imaginations to take lead

Well, young children’s ability to learn is mind blowing. Kids dream many vivid imaginations, which is a key to their super power learning skills. It actually lets them explore the rules of coding language as it is the heart of programming.Hope you enjoyed reading this article.