Summer coding camp for kids

Are you looking to help your kids make the switch from playing computer games to creating them? In a fun and enriching environment, Codingzen uses experiential learning to develop code and explore kid-friendly programming tools. In the  summer kids from 6 – 16 years old will guide through various programming languages and teach them how to create their own games and apps.


Courses available are scratch, app making, games.  Our intelligent and fun classes are held through hands-on exercises and exchange. Kids will work individually and as a group to expand and deepen their understanding by programming and use their creativeness to create programs.

The classes taught at CodingZen have been designed to expose children to learn the concepts of programming, how the instructions flow through a program, understanding the difference between applicable and non-applicable code, the concept of examine and debugging programs and understanding the importance of a user interface. Everything your young computer whiz needs to expand their knowledge of coding and programming.

There are four weeks of fun summer coding camps to inspire and encourage your child in the wonderful world of coding. It’s all about activities, discussion and fun for the kids to nurture their love for programming.

We work with large and small groups, turning their ideas into real working apps, during a session. Children seeing their ideas come to life, so quickly, encourage them to want to learn more. When we get into the coding sessions, we use the devices which the school use, so children can continue working on their projects, long after the sessions are over.