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Importance to teach your kids to code

Coding is a highly useful skill which helps children to think creatively about technology and expressing themselves in new ways. Programming is a powerful tool that helps you to figure out whether one’s thought of solution is correct or wrong. Here some reasons why you should teach your kids to code: Creative Thinking Coding helps Read more about Importance to teach your kids to code[…]

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How these kids entered into entrepreneurship

Isn’t it wonderful, that we’re witnessing many milestones in technology day by day? We are actually admired to the mind boggling things like Google, Facebook, twitter, and many more. With simple search in Google to learn whole coding courses has become very common. More interestingly, there is no barrier of age, nationality or geographical background Read more about How these kids entered into entrepreneurship[…]

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Schools Contain Coding in curriculum

Children are so deeply fascinated by media and technology that they want endless hours of computer usage, mobile gaming. While parents will fume to this demand; there is no denying that technology has touched us in more ways than one and percolated in our daily life to a good extent.     Even schools use Read more about Schools Contain Coding in curriculum[…]

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Nurture Creativity through programming

Creativity is a natural form of expression amongst toddlers and young children. Nurturing creativity is important to make them open-minded and expressive. We, as adults, often remember our childhood creative experiences. These experiences enable a child to think and learn freely. Creativity: It starts with exploration. Exploration is best done with a team- peers or Read more about Nurture Creativity through programming[…]

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Practical steps to teach code to kids

Ever wondered how talking cat, temple run and many more are created? Well you say because of coding. You are right. But how could you make your children do things like this? Can they create them? How can we teach them coding? Are you struggling to teach your children to learn code? Then Keep reading Read more about Practical steps to teach code to kids[…]