The Joy of Winning – An Interview with Shauryaveer

Here’s a story of a young 15 year old genius who is in 9th grade, Shauryaveer who won 1st place in a Web Design competition conducted by TechSpark. Shauryaveer was into coding or development initially but he started liking it as he continued his classes at CodingZen. This is a small talk which covers the Read more about The Joy of Winning – An Interview with Shauryaveer[…]

coding for non computer science students


In the current fast moving era of technological advancement, 8 out of 10 people will tell you to learn coding. Coding is the engine of the locomotive that drives technology. If you are a pro at coding, it is like adding a strawberry to your fruit basket; however if you aren’t a pro there is Read more about CODING FOR NON COMPUTER SCIENCE STUDENTS[…]

benefits of coding for kids


Every parent wants their children to grow up, doing what they love and loving what they do. So as a preliminary test we enroll them for every class possible, art class, music class, dance class do not forget tuitions. We try to hone in them the thing that is dead in most adults, IMAGINATION. Today, Read more about BENEFITS OF CODING FOR KIDS[…]

Best apps for kids to learn coding

Best Apps To Learn Coding For Kids

Programming languages are a big deal in this tech world. Years before it was thought that only Brainiac’s can learn code. Now look around you, there are a lot who have mastered coding. We have many platforms which teach coding for children. There are many apps which teach them programming in a visual environment which Read more about Best Apps To Learn Coding For Kids[…]

coding creativity

C for Coding – C for Creativity

Creativity is a skill, which should be improved and polished with the help of parents and teachers. Number of electronic gadgets have put the creativity of kids to rest. They don’t let children imagine and think. The thinking ability of the brain improves by coding activities like designing websites, apps or creating games. The coding Read more about C for Coding – C for Creativity[…]