Learning how to code is as essential nowadays as knowing alphabets. Coding is a highly useful skill which helps children think creatively about technology and express themselves in new ways. Programming and Debugging is a powerful tool that helps one figure out whether one’s direction of codes is correct or wrong.

Here some reasons why you should teach your kids to code:



Creative Thinking

Coding helps children to build their confidence while also stimulating their creative abilities. Kids need to be encouraged to put on their creative thinking caps and stand out in the world. Coding helps children do just that by giving them the power to create things and make them come to life.

Kids learn faster and better

There is no denying the fact that knowing programming empowers kids. And, the sooner they start, the better they can become. At an early age, just as kids learn English and Hindi alphabet, coding seems like just another language to them. Since coding involves science, logical thinking and problem solving, for children, it appears to be a powerful tool which helps them turn their creativity to reality.

Problem Solving

Coding is all about telling a computer what to do- be it something as simple as turning the computer on/off or something as complicated as processing millions of data inputs. Programming teaches kids how to break difficult projects like these into smaller tasks and then logically find solutions to them. These skills will help them in solving problems of their real lives as well.

Encourage to explore

Children are inquisitive. With wide, eager eyes, they look up at you and say: Why is the sky blue? Who taught the birds to sing? Why do leaves fall off the trees?

And even after your best answer to those questions, they may just find yet another question: Why?

Children always try to learn new things, have new experiences and they just need a push in the right direction to satisfy their learning needs. Programming is one such direction which helps children to explore the vast world of computers, express themselves and polish their minds, all at the same time.

Preparing them for tomorrow

Computer programming or coding is a crucial 21st-century skill every child should know. Over the next ten years, Programming will be one of the most sought after skills. If it is learned earlier, it will help them to succeed in the competitive world in future. It will act as a stepping stone towards future. Learning code does not mean they need to become a programmer, but with the world becoming largely dependent on computers, learning code will prove to be an advantage that will be useful in every field.

Fun to learn

It is always a pleasure to make something that help others, simplifies their lives and adds order to the world. Building new apps or games and sharing with friends is just as much fun for students. Solving problems using coding and seeing the solution of your problem come alive in a few simple steps is great fun.

Storytelling through code

Programming follows a sequence of steps just like telling a story. CodingZen is designed for kids and it uses games to teach them how to code and how to follow procedures. This satisfies the curious mind of a child and encourages him to learn even more. Coding is a sure shot way of improving a child’s thinking abilities which will help him in becoming successful in future.




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