Top 10 kits to teach children coding at school

Every child has a natural likeness for digital things such as smart phone, tablets, ipod. No child is interested to play with the dolls and bikes as they are attached to games and their levels. Now it’s time to tell them to create games along with playing. There are number of kits available for children which help them to learn code while playing. These kits make the kids engage them to educate along with entertainment.


Here are top 10 most popular kits to teach children coding at school

1. MakeblockmBot Educational Robot Kit

This is a robot kit that helps children to learn coding, electronics as well as robotics. This can be controlled by using blue tooth or any mobile device. If you want to enhance your child’s mathematical abilities along with science and technology, then this is the best choice for you. It is fun for kids to build and control that helps to introduce programming.


2.  Dash and Dot

These are two blue shell spherical robots that are designed especially for children who want to try their hands in programming. They understand what happens around them and respond accordingly. They are like pets in home; they hear sounds and detect objects and move with the help of their sensors.  Kids can start off creating simple actions for these two robots.

3. Kano

Kano is a coding kit, which has a successful start past year. Kano helps the kids to understand the ins and outs of a computer circuit. This allows them to construct the computer on which they play games, getting them on their way to an education in coding.

4. Alice

This is another educational kit that comes with a unique story telling aspect.  Similar to scratch it is supported by a community of educators and used to create games or animated videos via story telling. It is considered more for intermediate students but experienced teachers can use this with beginners.


Lego mindstorms are robotic kits that help students to try their hands in robotics. These robots can be utilized and can be made with programming. This product has been popular and has been around for years. This is quite popular among teachers as well as students.  It is fun to find out the major points that are employed in robotics.

6.  The Arduino Starter Kit

This Coding kit teaches Arduino which contains a programmable circuit board. It is nearly 170 page project book for guiding children to try their hands on a number of projects. This is best for children as it includes projects such as crystal ball, motorized pin wheel and more.

7. Raspberry Pi

This is an inexpensive and a credit card sized computer that can be programmed to be used just like any other PC. The Raspberry Pi uses Open Source platform that perfectly placed for young geeky minds to exploit them to the hilt.

8. LittleBits

Little bits are everyone’s favorite that comes up with plug and play circuits. Pieces can be connected magnetically, making it easier for children, they have lights, and flash or many more that kids can do with it. You can also check their videos that inspire young minds to build something having fun along with knowledge.

9. Scratch

This is programming game supported by MIT and one of the best kits to teach coding to children. This is mostly for beginners where students can program cards or games or any animations.

10. GameMaker

As the name itself says, it enables the kids to make their own games that can be played in any browser.  This might be fun for children who are tech savvy.