Top 10 reasons to teach code to your children

Coding is a like a language which contains a writing style, that allows you to write stories from games to animations. By making children learn code helps them to learn new things. Here we are presenting 10 reasons to teach code your children.


1. Creativity with fun

“Learning code is fun” – Don’t get amazed by this statement because it is true. Codingzen provides a different and whole new idea to make kids learn code through some educational kits like scratch, hopscotch. These kits let kids to play games, rather than writing code. If they don’t like the game they can change the game by modifying it by changing the code. Children will improve their creativity by a fun way by coding.

2. Boosts Self confidence

Learning Code helps the children to develop their inner skills which are not only important in computer science but also in their life.  They feel creative, empowered which boosts their confidence. It lets them create their own paths in their own way, which builds their self-confidence.

3. Critical Thinking and Problem solving skills

It makes them learn the methods to solve a single problem in different ways i.e., problem solving techniques.  Other than relying on parents or others for every small decision, coding helps children to make logical connections which on how to analyze different situations. When young minds learn to code, they learn how to handle difficult tasks and achieve their goals by their thinking.

4. Necessary skill in 21st Century

We are living in a digital world where everything became online from offline. From online reservation to sending messages everything depends on soft wares.  Every app is based on programming, which helps us to understand the importance of letting our kids to learn code when they are young. A basic understanding of coding is compulsory for their future.

5. Helping others

It is a way to show humanity. Through coding we help people to easier their work and save their precious time. One can develop apps or programs which can be helpful for hospitals or any other charity organizations.

6. Teaches them important lessons in life

It makes them to learn from mistakes and not to fear to attempt a new thing. By working in a team they learn how to talk with people and how to take leadership. These skills will benefit the in the future.

7. Brings them out of their comfort zone

Some children struggle when asked to meet externally imposed goals, but coding gives them the opportunity to control their own destiny.  As parents it is our responsibility to bring them out of their comfort zone and make them explore new things.

8. Not only learn but also teach

“I think everyone should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think”. – Steve Jobs

Coding enables them to take responsibility of their own programs along with risks. Makes them learn how to think and solve big problems into smaller and in series of steps.

9. Successful career life

You prepare yourself for success by learning computer science.Future career jobs are going to depend mostly on Computer science. So addressing it earlier will prepare your child to fight in this competitive world.  It also helps you to develop entrepreneur and potentially earn millions of dollars. Literally,you can change the world with computer science.

10. Gives life to school books

School subjects will come into life as computer science makes them meaningful and enables them to relate to the outside world. Mathematical concepts are useful in programming. Thus helps the children to use their knowledge to create games or any other program.