Whole Brain Parenting: Left Brain + Right Thinking = Whole Brain Thinking

Most young children are excited about doing a create activity, while others quick to complain, “I can’t draw”. Have you seen your child obsessed with wearing matching clothes? Or is your child more inclined towards art projects or else prefers to play and work alone?


If you give the answer to the above questions as YES then your child is either right or left brain dominated. They are not using their full potential of brain.

What does the left and right side of the brain do?

The brain is cut half creating it two half’s brains. The left hemisphere of the brain controls the right side of the body. It performs tasks such as reading-writing, analytical considerations and logical thinking. Right brain helps out with intuition, creativity and decision making. This is the whole brain parenting method.

These two sides left and right brain work together to create a complete human being, but certain individuals find that they have one side more dominant than the other.

Whole Brain thinking is inspired from left brain and right thinking

Whole Brain Thinking is a method of based upon teaching which involves using gesturesand verbal communication to teaching concepts. It provides powerful, entertaining techniques that make a person peaceful and happy.

It actually contains more than one might think. A young child’s brain is simply letting its dominant side take over, and not letting it toblend with the other side of the brain which helps to reach its full potential.

Helps to discover own thinking style preferences, and how to recognize the thinking preferences of others. Provides a platformapply these learning in every day’s life.

It is to be noted that we are designed to be whole and we do not function with left brained or right brained. But our brain’s design has a degree of specialization and it affects how we think and what we pay attention to.

Encourage whole brain thinking

Whole-brain teaching emphasizes learning, in which the learner makes connections that tap right and left hemispheres of the brain. It is a process which provides an eye for improved understanding and insight. It helps us to acknowledge that different works or tasks require different kinds of thinking.

To understand which side of the brain is dominant in your child, parents need to observe how the child responds to various tasks or situations.

  • Learning coding helps the young minds to sharp their brain and know how to use it in a creative and logical way. While Programming, the left brain is forced to think logically while the right brain continuously finds ways to solve the issues as fast as possible.
  • Exercises for the brain are useful to improve social and language skills which are essential to have a conversation.
  • Important for personal and workplace skills, as this helps to enhance your skills in problem solving, team work, taking correct decisions and creativity, and it also leads to improve relationships and productivity

Whole brain thinking builds a bridge between functions, generations and many other things.This in turn contributes to reach greater heights with innovative solutions at an increased speed, and even cultural transformation.

Benefits of Whole Brain Thinking


  • Children will become more focused as it will help them to understand the different styles of thinking of different people.
  • It gives many options to a child’s thinking on how to respond on a particular situation.
  • It increases alertness and interpersonal skills
  • Unlike any other organ in our body, whose value depreciates with usage, the human brain’s value increase with usage.
  • More effective motivational strategies can be employed based on knowledge of thinking and learning preferences.