Whole Brain Parenting: Left Brain + Right Thinking = Whole Brain Thinking

Each side of the brain, whether left or right, is known to control different type of thinking. The two hemispheres process information in different ways. Left-brain thinkers are known to be good in math and logic. Right-brain thinkers are comparatively more creative and imaginative creatures. Even though, humans have a tendency to think one way but both the sides work together to process and store information. However, not everyone can be similarly creative or analytical or both.



There are researches to prove that creativity can be fuelled at an early age by whole brain thinking; meaning inculcating the use of the right as well as left brain. It has been found that among the many ways that help develop whole brain thinking, Coding has reportedly emerged to be a useful tool. It helps propel creative thinking in children as young as toddlers and is useful in cultivating artistic, scientific, and mathematical receptivity.


With more and more modern day parents getting drawn towards whole brain thinking as a skill to be developed in their children; ‘whole brain parenting’ is a fast emerging concept.


Early start to Coding


Toddlers are experimenting and curious. They want to question and explore things on their own. Programming cultivates experimentation. Children do simple programming using simpler commands and the success gives them enough confidence to experiment more. “What if I do it this way”, something like this is constantly on their mind. They can solve difficult problems over time by regular practice. With parents open to the concept of kids starting early, there are several benefits in store. Children are not only enjoying the activities that motivate them but these are also giving positive results, and are simple. With coding, parents who have experienced it, feel it enhances their child’s resourcefulness and instills leadership qualities as well.


Whole Brain Thinking


Even though both hemispheres of our brain cater to different needs of creative or analytical thinking; it has been found that thinking creatively for problem solving engages both the hemispheres of our brain resulting in a whole brain thinking process. Applying Whole brain thinking has produced amazing innovative results over time. Steve jobs created Apple with a whole brain mode inculcating technology in his products to deliver more with ultimate sophistication. Even schools today are recognizing the benefits of whole brain thinking approach. As a result, the technical new age classrooms promote active, project-based learning which motivates kids to design and build things; coding being at the helm of it all.


Creativity and Innovation by Programming


Learning programming is like learning the technical language of creativity. It is important for parents to ensure that children do not just become mindless consumers of technology. They must emerge as creators and designers of technology. In this recent world, computers are not going to see a downfall;  they are only going to rise and move forward from where they are today. So why not give kids a fair chance to learn to create and not just consume. The process of coding develops technical thinking which is going to be very useful in the near future. Creativity transits into innovation over time, with the ability to derive solutions to complex problems, being exposed to different concepts.

Children can contribute to the ever-growing digital world by being a productive members. To know more about coding for kids, the different modules, and how you too can enrol your child, log on to www.codingzen.in.